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Our services

Efficient Sales and Marketing strategies and direction.     

Improve your sales results and growth, using our solution services       

Project Advisor 

We work on a single improvement project for a shorter-term engagement.

This is normally based on the project content and the time required to

deliver the finished results. This could be a new product launch, developing

a new sales plan, or a new brand, so this could be a great match for you.

Man Signing

Sales and Marketing Consultant

A period assignment, working with you as a partner. Engagement time for

this option is normally, 6 to 12 months, of course, this all depends on what

you need to achieve. We help develop new business strategies and work

with you from first planning, action, and implementation to the finished

results and beyond.     

Cheerful Business Meeting

Plus ONE Sales Director

The Plus ONE Sales Director service gives you an experienced sales

management executive to help you manage, and improve your sales and

marketing activity on a part-time basis.  This is extremely cost-effective

compared to the costs associated with a full time senior management


You will have a skilled executive talent, at an affordable investment level, to help you develop sales in a positive direction.                           

Business Plan

Introducing Change

Our aim is to simplify the learning and change process. Firstly, we carefully evaluate your existing business, and then we proceed to create potential improvements, along with corresponding timelines and implementation plans.


Be positive and start your new journey.    

Business Team
Working Woman

Delivering professional business solutions

within several market sectors.   

Talk with us and learn more...    

Progress your Sales and Marketing in a new direction

Reasons why your business growth may not be working...

We may not need a microscope to identify the reasons why reaching your growth potential is difficult:


  • Mixed audience perception due to your branding  

  • Unrealistic targets that will not help to drive growth

  • Leadership capability

  • Lack of stakeholder support

  • Inability to support new growth with undeliverable promises

  • No new innovations with your products or services

  • Inability to innovate in response to changing markets and customers

  • Lack of training to improve talent skills for new business methods

  • Not entering new potential markets or sales channels

  • Existing business culture creates change challenges  

  • Busy fighting fires instead of being focused on new ideas  


We can help you with our creative approach to address all your concerns, and then we start to build a new progressive strategy. 

Open new doors every day 

Scientist Using Microscope

Our Sales and Marketing, and Business Development Engagement Process

We will create a simple methodical direction for change, a true step-by-step process with KPI`s to measure the impact.

Along the way we may need to make some changes, but this is proactive, so we never loose sight of your targets.



Agree strategy

Timeline structure



Your ideas,

vision, goals, concerns

Build strategy

Design action plan





The 3 Elements  

Image by Christina @


The Existing Business 

What are your products or services, why can`t you achieve the growth that you had hoped for?


You must make time to decide what your business needs for the future.  



The Change 

Rebuild your business, inject a new level of passion into making the changes needed.

Start to bring your business back to life again, be confident and proactive.   


The Results

Enjoy the new results, begin to see a higher level of customer activity and interest.


Provide a positive customer experience and start to improve your revenue.      

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