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We have 4 primary client solution services - plus ONE SD

71% of companies do not have efficient sales and marketing strategies or direction.   

The Mentor

Mentoring is a learning experience, our plan is to teach you new ideas, and also how to make better use of your existing capabilities. Sometimes our clients just need simple guidance and education, and so Mentoring could be the perfect solution.      

Business meeting

The Project Advisor

We work on a single improvement project for a shorter term engagement.

This is normally based on the project content and the time required to deliver the finished results. This could be a new product launch, or developing a new sales plan, or a new website, so this could be a great match for your needs.     

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The Project Partner

A period assignment, working with you as a Project Partner. Engagement time for this option is normally, 3 to 12 months, of course, this all depends on what you need to achieve. We help develop new business strategies and work with you from first planning, action, and implementation to the finished results and beyond.     

Cheerful Business Meeting

The Non-Executive Director

Our Non-Executive Director service, supporting board members with future planning, strategy and policymaking. Providing help and advice on maintaining steady business growth, and at the same time, bringing new ideas to the table.                          

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Achieve quicker sales results now with Plus One SD     

The Plus ONE Sales Director 

The Plus ONE Sales Director service, gives you an experienced sales management executive to help you manage, and improve your sales activity on a part-time basis.  This is extremely cost effective compared to the costs associated with a full time senior management appointment. You will have a skilled executive talent, at an affordable investment level, to help you develop sales in a positive direction.                           

Business Team

We start with a No Fee 2 hour evaluation meeting.             

We Integrate With Your Business

Change Process

We try to keep the learning and change process simple, we evaluate your existing business in detail, then we start to design potential improvements, time lines and implementation.


Each business is different, so our project content and information is always bespoke. Never be afraid of change, be positive and start your new journey.    

Introduce new technology into your sales and marketing process.      

Driving new sales performance


Sales pipelines and channels, pricing metrics and data management. 

Embracing analytics and data to make rapid and proactive decisions through

the customer journey.


Multiscale sales channels, defining new opportunities and solution selling.

Organising your commercial functions to bring out the best of the

organisation for all your customer interactions.


Universal sales skills, continuous training and market sector knowledge.

Develop world-class sales talent to bring value to all customer engagement situations, great talent will turn potential into sales.


CRM introduction, sales friendly assistance tools.

Having the right sales tool systems, and processes to make it all work,

seamlessly providing professional customer data and sales process control.       

What is your strategy?