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Training Academy 

Expert and customised performance sales training         

Training Academy Introduction 

We create and design specialist Sales Training Programmes, that are both engaging and methodical. Our courses are bespoke to your business, and designed for your specific market sector.


Our training is delivered by skilled executives with true business experience, we understand how a functional Sales process should be applied in any commercial environment.   


  • Develop Active Sales Pipelines

  • Win New Accounts

  • Expand Existing Accounts

  • Gain Dynamic Sales Impact

  • Create Profitable Relationships

  • Build New Sales Channels 

  • Use Advanced Sales Techniques

  • Improve Sales Management 

  • Learn Trade Show Selling

  • Design Faster Sales Cycles   


Sales Training Programmes  

Man with Laptop

Sales Course One   

Starter sales training for team members who are new to commercial and industrial sales.   


Sales Course Two

Intermediate sales training for the existing sales team members who need to improve existing sales skills.   

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Sales Course Three

Advanced sales training, for skilled sales personnel, moving into new consultative sales methods.      

Sales Training Curriculum

The base content of our Sales Training, these are all the elements that we include in the design and build of the final programme agenda, which is focused around your business model.


We do not provide standard training courses, because this does not deliver what our clients really need, this is our added value and our difference.        

Sales Management and Leadership Training

This series of courses are designed for sales managers and sales directors, providing them with the skills and methods to obtain the maximum performance from sales teams.   


Great sales management and leadership will ensure you obtain incremental business growth, and ongoing talent improvement, through proactive motivational direction methods.  

  • Sales Team Coaching

  • The Leadership Rules

  • Value Added Sales Meeting

  • One to One Sales Training

  • Sales Pipeline Evaluation

  • Dynamic Motivation

  • Example Training 

  • CRM Methods

  • Opportunity Reviews

  • Sales Cultures

  • Building Sales Targets

  • Management Team Conversations

  • Effective Sales Strategies  

  • Coach Training 


Continuous performance improvement musbe a key element for any sales team.   

Technology Expo

EX Sales Training

For any business, investing in trade shows and exhibitions can be a major expense.

Selling products or services at trade events is different, your sales teams need to be engaged with potential customers 100% of the time, and they should be creating interest and buying desire to ensure future orders.

Our EX Sales Training program is a tailored, five-hour training session that will teach your teams how to effectively engage with customers during your event. We'll cover the basics of selling, along with the psychology behind our approach.

Obtain great Returns on Investment from Trade Shows and Exhibitions  



Portrait with Glasses

Build a new Sales culture, providing great expertise, by refined and focused training, education, and practice.  


Become an expert seller...


How our training programmes operate

Business Investigation 

Following the official engagement of our services, we meet with you to study the products or services that you offer. We examine your existing sales processes including your CRM system. We will ask many questions, so we can build a clearly defined vision of your existing operation and your sales team skill levels.        

Course Design

Based of the information we have, we start to design the training programme that will provide the maximum benefits for your team and your company. Training dates are then set and communicated.   

Course Delivery

Course Reporting

Our training programmes include individual or group training. We present the course content and start to gather information on how the attendees react and perform in each section.

When the course is completed, we will meet with your senior management team to discuss the results, and make further specific recommendations for the future.   

Our training is designed to be interactive and interesting, death by PowerPoint is not our style, conversation methods are much more enjoyable for all.           

The Training Academy Process 

The design and build of our customised training courses, this includes evaluation of the existing business and skills.             

Existing sales process

Course design  content

Course delivery to

individuals or



Monthly reviews of progress and performance   

Your future business objectives 

Evaluation of your sales team skills

Final course content agreed

Reports on attendees progress and future actions



Passion to increase your sales performance 

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